Company profile


Anderson & Steinssen, Inc (Abbreviation: ANS), was founded in 2016. It is located in Renton, Washington, USA. Our personnel have more than 20 years’ experience in the chemical industry, working with functional additives, high purity and ultra-pure chemicals, micron and nanomaterials, food and pharma ingredients, and fermentation nutrient ingredients.

Our focus is a result of a company culture built on customer needs, along with partnerships with global manufacturers committed to the rigors and demands of the North American market.

We can accept customization, mixing and granulation. Our products meet the highest quality standards, we are also capable of producing specialty products you need based on our stronger research lab and facility. 

At ANS, we pursue “reliable, responsible, and respectable mutual benefit and development together”. With our cooperative partners, we aim to profit and grow as one. Because of our dedication, customer service experience, and diverse team of members from all different backgrounds, we have the range of technical skills required to solve specific customer needs.



We are committed to producing the best products and providing reliable service.

Additionally, we provide solutions to our users, from chemical synthesis to related products and applications, with reliable service and quality control central to our management’s mission.



We are committed to improving the quality of our products to give our customers the highest value possible. Our group has chosen to work closely with only the best and most reliable manufacturers in the adhesive additives market. We specialize in adhesive additives for the functional optimization and improvement of new materials.

ANS committed to provide efficiency service to biological industry on biochemistry additives, and customs accuracy for related materials.



In order to satisfy both consumers and users need, ANS is adopting advanced environmental strategies for material production to effectively reduce production cost, improve and enhance resource utilization, promote social science and technologies progression for the with the goal of positively impacting the quality of people’s live.



ANS is not only focused on our staff and employees, but also on all of our customers. We take seriously our supply chain management system from production, relocation, shipping, storage, reliable product packaging, labels, customs, and final delivery. We provide full support and training from our knowledgeable technical staff to foresee and avoid potential accidents to the related parties as certain products require certain packaging/handling to maintain purity and avoid contamination. Safety is our priority.