Adhesive & Sealant Additives

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ANS works with a variety of partners in the adhesive & sealant additives industry, the main products include crosslinking agent, curing agent, coupling agent, thickening agent and intensifiers.

These Products are mainly used in printing ink industry, coating industry, pigment and painting industry, paper industry, composite materials industry, glass fiber industry, inorganic filler industry, textile auxiliary industry, surface treatment industry, adhesive industry, modified plastics industry, resin industry.

Crosslinking agents can significantly improve the polymer heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance and some mechanical properties, and expand the scope of application of products.

Curing agents are used to help harden or cure some type of substance. Different curing agents can have a large impact on the role of the final materials mechanical properties such as heat resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance to name a few.

Coupling agents can reduce the viscosity of synthetic resin melt in plastic processing, enhance the dispersion of filler to improve the processing performance, thus yielding products that obtain good surface quality and mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Thickening agents are used to improve the viscosity of new types of functional polymer materials and are widely used in pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, cosmetics, food additives, oil, paper, leather processing and other industries.

Intensifiers are used to improve the tensile strength of various polymers. They can significantly improve the mechanical properties of these materials.